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A December to Remember?

21 Dec

I’m am starting this entry in the emergency room. Nothing serious – just a little injury that I will get into later. Basically, December has been, shall we say, not the best month I’ve has this year.

It it started off well. Trimester one wrapped up with final exams and while I was sad to end with my students, I was proud of all we had accomplished and was looking forward to working with a new group and expanding on some new strategies.

The first week of trimester two I thought I was just struggling with some sinuses thanks to some unseasonably warm temperatures the week before. Not the case. I left work at lunch on Tuesday and missed Wednesday and Thursday that week. I hate being out but being sick as well makes it that much worse. I should have been establishing routines and talking books with my new students, not sick in bed battling bronchitis. (I have come to learn that bronchitis never really leaves and while I am feeling much better, this cough just wants to hang out.)

While sick, I feel out of my #Nerdlution routine. Working out was off the table as I could not breathe and was back on an inhaler. And I didn’t write because I spent the majority of my time asleep. I know I could be writing more now and I’m hoping break will help me get back on track. Overall, I’m proud of how much I have written and that I’m letting it happen instead of stressing on perfection. I will take that as a win.

I returned to work last Friday and started setting my routines and book community. This week had a rough start and was of course long going into the break, but there were also some great moments. Writing workshop in 10A has students taking riska with their writing leading to some amazing writing. Students are reading, finishing, and sharing books, even students who said they hated books. I feel we left for break on a positive note.

Then, this morning happened. I was going to my first Zumba class since getting sick. I parked the car and starting walking toward the studio.  I stepped off the curb and my ankle rolled and made about four or five cracks and crunches. In pain and terrified, I hobbled back to my car to figure out what to do as my husband was working and it was my right ankle making driving difficult.  Luckily, my friend Jackie had also pulled up and was able to drive me to the ER for X-rays. Luckily, it is not broken but sprained and very sore.  I know it could have been worse, yet it’s still no fun. Though my husband is taking very care of me as I rest, elevate, and ice.

So December has been a little rough and not what I expected. Here’s hoping for a relaxing break and that things look up into the new year.


#NerdLution Day 1 of 50

2 Dec



Well, day 1 is done and I completed both parts of my #NerdLution!

I went to my Zumba class tonight and it felt great. I was a little worried because I had a migraine last night that lasted into this morning as well. Near the end of the school day it did a little of the go away, come back game, really hitting hard during fourth hour. By the time the day was over, I felt better and was ready to go to class. I know I am not the most graceful in the world, but Zumba is a lot of fun for me. I know I am getting a great workout, I have fun, and the hour flies by. Day 1 of 5 this week in the books!

I also wrote for 15 minutes today. I am trying to create a character to center on. I did a lot of free thinking today trying to decide what to write and focused instead on who to write. We will see where this character goes as the days go on. I just want to play with what comes to me.

So, how did your day go?

Are you still thinking of joining the #NerdLution? It is not too late!

My #NerdLution

1 Dec

So I came across something pretty inspiring on Twitter this weekend. (Though really, when do you NOT come across something inspiring on Twitter?) I saw many of my friends mentioning a #NerdLution and declaring some goals, many related to reading, writing, and fitness. As I explored more, I understood that #NerdLution is a commitment for 50 days to build a habit. You can read more about it at Colby Sharp’s Blog. So I started thinking…what do I want to make my #NerdLution?

I came up with two areas I am going to focus on:
1. Writing: It is part of my #NerdLution to write at least 15 minutes a day. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I spent so much time in my childhood writing stories. One of my dreams is still to be published one day – whether fiction or non-fiction. The only thing standing in my way? ME! I think I am a horrible writer and while I know that writing is a process, I expect everything to be perfect. It’s time I step up and actually write so I have some things to play with. You can’t write if you don’t actually write.

2. Fitness: I will work out – Zumba, DVD, whatever – at least 5 days a week. I used to be so much healthier in what I ate and how much I worked out. This last year, I fell out of those habits. I want to get back into them so I can be healhty, have more energy, and just all around feel better inside and out. I think the community support of #NerdLution and making this commitment known will help me achieve this.

#NerdLution begins tomorrow, December 2. Will you take part? What is your #NerdLution?