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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

24 Oct

Sometimes something becomes so obvious, it is kind of crazy.  There are things I hear and I think I know, but it takes a moment in the classroom to show how true they are.

Books talks are important.  Students need to know about a variety of books that are out there so they can make decisions about what they want to read.  I am a firm believer that everyone is a reader; they just haven’t found the right book.  I know the power of books talks and getting a student excited about a book I share.

However, there is someone who can make a book more interesting than I can.  My students.  It amazes me.  I can talk up a book for a few minutes, share a part of it, talk about reviews of the book.  A few kids might get interested.  A student can say, “I read that book.  I liked it.”  BAM!  So many more students want to read that book.  A stamp from a student means much more than one from me.

I saw it this week.  A student had two books in her hand.  I was telling how she would enjoy both and about students that read it before.  Another girl made a comment of how much she liked one of them.  The first student left me, ran to the other student, and asked her to tell more about the book.  She checked that one out.

I want to make sure I give students a chance to share in order to encourage each other.  I think that is pretty awesome watching those interactions.  That’s what students will remember.


It’s Monday, October 20! What are you reading?

20 Oct

It has been far too long.  Life, as always, is crazy.  I figured a IMWAYR post would be a perfect way to get back into the swing of things.

What I have read recently:

Currently, I am reading Hate List by Jennifer Brown.  A good friend has been recommending this one for a long time.  I am liking it.  It is pretty intense at time and going in some directions I was not anticipating.  I will probably finish it tomorrow, if not tonight.

Before Hate List, I read To Be Perfectly Honest: A Novel Based on an Untrue Story  by Sonya Sones.  I love Sones and I did like most of this book.  A few parts were a bit much for me, but then again, it is supposed to be a lie, right?

What I plan to read this week:

I have had Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson for far too long without reading it. I honestly don’t know why I have not read it yet.  That must be next on my list!

I also plan on reading I am Malala.  I have had this one on my Nook for a long time.  My students are reading about Malala and Kailash Satyarthi winning the Nobel Peace Prize for their Article of the Week, so I have a renewed desire to get into this one to share more with them.

So, what have you read lately?  What are you reading this week?