Looking Ahead to the Adventure!

3 Aug

It is August.  I notice that something seems to happen when the calendar changes from July to August.  I fall pretty hard into school mode.  I start doing a lot more school planning and back-to-school sales excite me as opposed to giving me chills.  (June is just too soon – I’m sorry but it is!)  I start to get kind of excited for the year to come.

Don’t get me wrong – I am very sad summer is coming to an end.  I love summer.  I love taking many trips to the zoo, hanging out at the beach, vacationing in the best place in the world, staying up late, and enjoying naps during the day.  It’s not that I want it to end at all.

But I know the new school year is coming and with it comes new possibilities.  My mind has been churning these last few days with what I am looking forward to when we head back in September.  I also take this is a sign that I am in the right profession.  Despite everything taking place in education, I still get pretty excited to teach each and every year.


I came across this sign when the husband and I were grocery shopping this weekend.  When I saw it, I knew I wanted it for my classroom.  I want to build a theme around this.  I want this year to be an adventure.  An adventure in reading and writing.  I have some ideas on what the room will look like and how to keep it going.  I hope to share those ideas as they come to be in my classroom.

But this year is really going to be an adventure.  There are so many changes going on.  First of all, we are changing from trimesters to semesters.  That is changing some of the curriculum in the classes I teach as well as opening so many opportunities when working with my students.  Every student will now have an English class all year instead of 2/3 of the year. I see this as helping my reading and writing community flourish.

I am also teaching a section of English 10 Honors this year.  I am looking forward to this opportunity.  I taught one section of 10 Honors B a few years ago and have been hoping for an opportunity to teach it again.

This year is definitely going to be an adventure!

But please don’t fear – I am still going to make the most of the summer that is left as I prepare.


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