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Rereading Harry Potter: Book 1

23 Jul

I few months ago, I talked about my love for the Harry Potter series.  I mentioned that this summer I wanted to reread the series.  As I am still battling a bit of a slump (I will have bursts of reading a lot for a couple weeks then find nothing to hold my interest), I decided there is no time like the present.  I am so happy that I did!

I finished book 1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone the day after I started reading it again. I was immediately drawn right back into Harry’s world.  One great thing about reading these again is that there was so much I forgot about!  There are small parts of the plot that the movies left out and it was really felt like reading the book again for the very first time.  Plus, with the knowledge of the entire series, there are many little clues and hints I pick up on that meant nothing the first time around.  It really is an interesting feeling to feel both like reading for the first time and going through with a “expert eye,” if you will.

I think one of the parts that mean the most to me is the character of Snape.  He was always one of my favorites and I was full of theories about him from the very beginning.  In general, he is such a complex character, much like we are all complex people.  It is nice to look at one of my favorite characters again from the beginning to experience his development once again and being aware of those tiny nuisances that will mean so much.

I will drop shorts posts throughout the rest of my reread about what stood out to me or how my feelings have changed over time.  I am looking forward to see where this part of my reading journey takes me.

Are there any books or series you reread again and again?  Have you reread the Harry Potter Series before?  I’d love to hear some thoughts on your favorites you always go back to.