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Confession Time

18 May

Well, I have a confession to make.

I haven’t been reading.

Well, that’s not 100% true.  I have been reading; I just cannot seem to finish a book.

According to my Goodreads, the last book I finished was on April 16th – OVER A MONTH AGO!

Now, also according to my Goodreads, I am also Currently Reading 6 books. (And if I updated the new audio I am listening to, it would technically be 7.)

So you see the issue I am having,  I cannot seem to commit to any one book all the way through right now.  It has clearly been a struggle.

There are some reasons why:

  • I am crazy busy! I never seem to remember how much the end of the school year can suck away at me
  • Prom was a little over a week ago.  This was my fourth year as sponsor. It pretty much consumed my life from after Spring Break to the actual date.
  • A lot of personal things have been going on this year that have been tough at times.
  • I am having audio book issues. I love eAudio Books but for some reason, my library cooperative only allows you one week per book.  I was so into I Was Here by Gayle Forman, listening to it to and from work, walking Taylor, and even while grocery shopping.  I could not renew because someone had it on hold.  So now I have it on hold again.
  • There are so many books I want to read, I just can’t decide.

I have written about reading slumps before. This one is different.  I am reading and want to read; I just have way too much going on right now, with books I am reading and otherwise.

So here’s my plan.  Of all the books I am “Currently Reading,” Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen is probably my favorite. It’s a light read and pretty funny, too.  Then I will probably continue with The Hunted by Matt de la Pena, which I am also enjoying.  Soon, it will be summer and I will have more time.  Plus, I’m focusing on my and relaxation this summer and reading definitely helps with that.

So that is why I have been quiet here.  I hope to pop in more and meet my three post goal here on out. Hope all the teachers out there are hanging in there during these last few weeks.  We are almost there!

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  I  actually feel better now!


Breaking Through the Slump

21 Apr

I had a bit of a reading and writing slump for the past couple of weeks.  As is pretty obvious, I was not blogging a whole lot.  I also was not doing personal writing.  Plus, I was really struggling with my reading.  I usually read at least 4 or so books over spring break.  I really only finished Grasshopper Jungle and read one other book, My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.  I had gone to the library at the start of break and brought home a bunch of books from my classroom library with so much hope of all the reading I would do.  Nope.  Didn’t happen.

Not to mention, I have been slumping a little bit this year in general.  My goal of 100 books?  Goodreads has reminded me that I am 12 books behind.  Oops.  I was feeling pretty lost and just could not get the motivation going.

I posted on Facebook on April 13 that I was in a slump.  Just threw it out there and said I was sad about it because that was on my mind.  I should not have been surprised that my friends and reading community stepped up with some advice and encouragement to help me out.

Here are the highlights of what they told me that really helped:

  • Go back and reread a favorite
  • Try light, romantic, funny books
  • Try picture books and graphic novels
  • Others are behind pace, too
  • Try something different
  • Try an audio book
  • Slumps are totally normal
  • Slumps mean you are reader

These titles were also specifically suggested:

I felt much better after everyone’s kind words, suggestions, and encouragements.  Yes, readers have slumps.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And so I’m behind my pace.  Who cares?  I have still read 18 books in the first four months of the year and that is pretty awesome.

So, I decided to put the book I was reading aside and switch to a book I really wanted to read, Split Second by Kasie West (review to come very soon!).  What a fantastic idea it was! I read it in less than a week.  I devoured it really.  The stay up way too late type of reading.  And I fell right into another book that I am loving as well.  I made it through!  I am so grateful for my reading community and how they helped. I am feeling more excited to read, and write.

I also shared a little of this experience with my students.  I think they were a little surprised to hear me use “reading” and “slump” in the same sentence.  I know it’s important to share this with them so that they know it is normal and we all go through it.

What do you do when you find you are in a slump?  What advice can you share with others?